A journey through the flavors of Sulcis.

Carbonia may not have its own typical and characteristic dish, but the city’s culinary tradition, rooted in the cuisine of the lower Sulcis, and originating in the agro-pastoral township of Serbariu, offers the opportunity for all travelers to discover more than one dish from these places. From the products of the land to the products of the sea and excellent wines, in Carbonia you can find and learn about different flavors and taste the true taste of our Island.

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The area offers unique climatic and environmental characteristics, where vine cultivation has always found fertile ground.
One of Sardinia’s most renowned and appreciated native grape varieties, Carignano, grows here.
The wine that comes from this grape variety is a product of the highest quality, ruby color and intense aroma.
Its flavor is savory and harmonious and knows how to win over lovers of wines with a strong and decisive character.
Taking a sip of Carignano and being enraptured by its taste is a must if you travel through these areas.
From first courses with meat sauces to spicy meats and even Sardinian lamb and aged cheeses, Carignano lends itself to numerous, excellent pairings.

Land, sea, fregula and porceddu

Once in Carbonia, Sardinia, you must try the world-famous malloreddus alla campidanese, dressed with a simple tomato sauce, fresh sausage and a sprinkling of pecorino cheese.
Alternatively, ricotta and chard ravioli, with tomato and basil and a bit of semi-seasoned pecorino cheese, will tickle your taste buds in an equally stimulating way.
Not to mention de sa fregula sarda, typical of this land, dressed with lamb ragout or with arselle, if you love the flavors of the sea.
Among the main courses, it is now a given to mention porceddu sardo made roasted and served on cork boards and completely covered with myrtle that restores that special aromatic flavor to the palate.
Other unforgettable main courses include lamb, sheep and goat, also roasted, and sheep in coat, a delicious stew seasoned with potatoes, onions, sun-dried tomatoes and other aromas of the land.
A poor but very tasty and nutritious dish.

From civraxu to sweet raviolis

The typical bread of the area is civraxiu made from durum wheat semolina, prepared with sourdough and baked in a wood-fired oven.
You will taste delicious croutons of this bread that will make a bed for su casu arrostu, the local roasted cheese, to be enjoyed with good red wine.
A sprinkling of black pepper or a little drizzle of honey will give an even more delicious taste to this delicacy, often eaten at the end of a meal. During the tomato season, some bread dough is preserved here in Carbonia to make succulent pani cun tamatiga, round flatbreads with the edges almost completely closed toward the center, topped with ripe tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, salt and fresh basil, baked in a wood-fired oven. A true typical street food, perfect for many occasions: from the most important lunches to out-of-town trips.
And if at the end of the meal one does not arrive too full, there are the typical desserts such as pardulas, pabassinus, pirichittus, gueffus, and the fried, strictly freshly made, sweet ravioli, covered with honey or sugar. An irresistible delight.

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