Carbonia, a founding city where history, architecture, past and present meet in one place.
Discover its particular origins, its birth and find the signs of a time long gone, still present today.

Carbonia Turismo - Tracce di storia


Discover the cultural side of Carbonia through the extensive SiMuC Museum System, which includes the Villa Sulcis Archaeological Museum, the Monte Sirai Archaeological Park, the Cannas di Sotto Urban Park, and the Sulcitan PalæoAmbience Museum.


Amidst coal mines and the remains of ancient settlements, Carbonia reveals the fascination of its thousand-year history, thanks to archaeological sites of extraordinary interest.
From the Nuraghe Sirai, to the Urban Park of Cannas di Sotto.

Carbonia Turismo - L'anfiteatro nella natura


From Roma Square, the heart of the city, to the discovery of the Dopolavoro Cine-Theater complex, to the Intermodal Station Center and the Post Office Arcades. Get lost in the alleys and streets that connect all the structures related to the founding of the city.

Art, culture and religion

From the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli to the Sulcis-Iglesiente Archaeological Museum to religious events and festivals.
Still, among craft stores and exhibitions by local artists, you’ll find that Carbonia is a journey full of discoveries.


Halfway between Campidano and the city of Cagliari, Carbonia is an excellent starting point for exploring some of theisland‘s most attractive and unspoiled beaches.
Among these, Porto Pino and Porto Paglietto are must-see destinations, as are Punta S’Arena and Tuerredda.

Carbonia Turismo - Skyliner di Carbonia
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