Cuore profondo della Sardegna.

Carbonia Turismo - Animazione Carbonia
Inside Carbonia

Welcome to the city of mines

Hinterland and coast, past and present, culture and history.
In southwestern Sardinia lives Carbonia, the starting point of an unexpected journey that will take you deep into the island, discovering mines and a history old and new, unique and fascinating.

From the land to the sea

Why choose Carbonia

Carbonia is the most important center of Sulcis-Iglesiente.
Midway between the Campidano plain and the white beaches of Sardinia, it is today heir and witness to a past that has marked the history of these timeless places.

A past that echoes in the living industrial, historical and prehistoric archaeology, all to be explored.
From museums to the Great Mine of Serbariu, from nature treks to food and wine tours, Carbonia also goes beyond its history to offer a vacation suitable for everyone.

Holiday ideas

Carbonia to be discovered

Inside the story

History and culture are intertwined in Carbonia, thanks to the Museum System and the large archaeological district, and give rise to an intense journey into the past.

Coal routes

From the depths of the earth resonates the vocation of Carbonia, whose very name expresses all its soul. Hence, an itinerary to discover the historic mines of Sardinia was born.

South Seas

Carbonia is the perfect base for discovering the Sulcis-Iglesiente region. In less than an hour you can explore all of southwestern Sardinia and reach the most beautiful beaches.

Carbonia to be discovered


Carbonia è storia e cultura, è intrattenimento ed enogastronomia.

Una piccola città che ogni anno si anima e si riempie di festa, tra eventi, spettacoli, concerti e tante altre iniziative che sapranno portarti dentro il cuore profondo di questa terra che sa affascinare, ma sa anche divertire.

How to get there

The city of Carbonia has a barycentric position with respect to the sea and the hinterland and therefore easily accessible once you arrive in Sardinia.
It is about an hour’s drive from Cagliari.

Nearest airports:

– Cagliari-Elmas airport – 70 km

Cagliari-Elmas airport can be reached from several cities in Italy and Europe, including with low-cost airlines.

From the ports of Livorno, Piombino, Civitavecchia, Naples, Palermo, and Barcelona, it is possible to reach the port of Cagliari and all major ports in Sardinia.

Arriving in Cagliari or other cities in Sardinia, simply take the main highways: SS 130 – SS 131, direction Carbonia.

– Port of Cagliari – Carbonia: 71 Km
– Port of Olbia – Carbonia: 290 km
– Porto Torres – Carbonia: 260 k
– Port of Golfo Aranci – Carbonia: 300 km
– Port of Santa Teresa di Gallura – Carbonia: 330 km
– Port of Arbatax – Carbonia: 210 km

Carbonia station can be easily reached by train line.

From the Sardinian capital, Cagliari, it is possible to reach Carbonia by bicycle.
Time: about 3 hours and 29 min
Km: 68
Road: SP 2

Depending on your idea of travel, you can choose alternative routes, study different stages or follow the routes of other bikers.

For more sustainable and nature-based tourism, Carbonia can also be reached on foot.
Time: between about 11 and 14 hours; stops and stops can be evaluated along the way as desired.
Km: 68
Road: SP 2

Depending on your travel idea, you may choose to go through the coast, study different stages or follow other trekking routes.

Carbonia Turismo - Skyliner di Carbonia
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